SVM-364-4K Multi Viewer System

  • 36 UHD SDI Video Inputs (SMPTE-2082-1, SMPTE 292)
  • 4 UHD SDI Video Outputs (SMPTE-2082-1, SMPTE 292)
  • Redundant Power supply
  • Control card
  • Web-based control and design software running on embedded Linux
  • Ability to add borders in various colors to the windows
  • Analog and digital clock display on the screen
  • Ability to add a sound bar to each image
  • Up to 31 Tally (GPI / O) usage
  • Micro BNC Inputs and Outputs
  • Writing on the screen in all languages on the world
  • Lock to the broadcast reference signal and use it in the broadcast
  • Ability to get source names from Router